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Avi Dje


Victor Edos Adun, known professionally as Avi Dje, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. Avi's music breathes Afrobeats with sparkles of hip-hop, dance and R&B. His love for art and creativity started at a tender age with him singing an drumming in a high-school band. Besides his love for music, his drive for adventure and urge to follow his own path made him leave Nigeria for adventures in Liby, Italy and now the Netherlands. In Amsterdam, which is now homebase, Avi Dje is now working on his debut Album alongside dutch producer Jo Bissa.

His single Stand up' is the first result of a collaboration between Avi Dje & Dutch producer JO BISSA. They started working on music together early 2020 when Covid hit the fan and have been very productive ever since. We can expect a strong body of work from the two in 20201.